Freezing Reign

Brutal warlords. Beautiful robots.
Will the last fertile woman save humanity or spark a revolution?
Get the debut novel by L.A. Goff.
Freezing Reign

With humanity on the brink of extinction, one teenage girl could save the species or spark a world war.

Mirari Vega feels death’s chilly breath. A global pathogen has killed every woman in her life and she’ll be next. So when her father gives the eighteen-year-old an alternative, she must make an impossible decision…die with a raging fever or climb into the frigid embrace of an experimental cryogenic chamber.

She calls it a suicide machine. Her father calls it a chance for her to live again. Neither can imagine the horrors waiting for Mirari when she opens her eyes 12 years later.

The world is a violent place without women. Beautiful robots give the surviving men companionship but can’t give humanity a future. Mirari’s fertility is the ultimate natural resource. But to make her Earth’s queen mother, they’ll have to catch her first.

Mirari Vega is no man’s pretty princess.

Bringing science fiction to a dystopian Texas, Freezing Reign is the first book in the pulse-pounding Reign series by L.A. Goff.

Praise for Freezing Reign

“A superior dystopic Sci-Fi thriller with a Texas-sized scope. Compelling and refreshingly unsentimental…with nightmarish overtones.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“Entrancing and enveloping…combining a variety of post-apocalyptic themes into an original, empowering, and addictive read.”

– Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

“Just when you think you’ve got a handle on this story, it will surprise you. Expect sadness, friendship, survival, and a little dash of romance in this empowering Sci-Fi.”

– Independent Review

“Unicorn” says everything! As someone who was once completely under the thrall of the Hunger Games, I say without the slightest reservation that I believe this book is better.

- International Review of Books